Critical Issue Reporting

Before reporting, check if there is an outage here:  WorkBright Status Check 

Employees – If you are having problems, Contact Your Employer Directly. WorkBright is a software used by your employer, the private data is secured and we have no access or control over your sign in, email notifications or other issues you may be having.

Customers – To report issues, or to access help, visit our Customer Help Center.

This page is to report critical issues only.

The WorkBright Critical Issue Reporting Page is a means for you to alert WorkBright of an issue requiring immediate attention during off-business hours. WorkBright’s official business hours are 8 am MT to 6 pm MT, Monday through Friday, with most US National Holidays observed. During those hours, our customer success team can be reached and will respond promptly at or 844-370-1783, ext. 2.  

If you’ve discovered a critical issue during off business hours, we want to be able to be alerted to assist you and other affected customers. If the issue is not truly critical, though, we want you and our team to have the peace of mind that this can wait until the next business day.

So how do I know if my issue is critical?

WorkBright considers a critical issue to be one of the following:

  • Service is unavailable 
  • There’s been of breach of sensitive data

If you believe you are experiencing a server outage, please test your ability to access your WorkBright account from 1) a different browser, 2) a different device, and/or 3) a different network before reporting the incident as critical. A lack of service is often at the local level, and you can sort this out quickly by trying to log in from different browsers and devices.

If you believe you are experiencing a data breach, please gather all supporting information so that WorkBright can best assist you in determining the cause and next best course of action.

If what you are experiencing does not meet these definitions, please simply send us an email at and we’ll get back to you on the next business day.

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