Add forms to your WorkBright account

Learn how to add forms yourself or scroll down to have WorkBright’s team add it for you

Need to create or update a form in WorkBright?

Watch these videos to see how to easily create new forms or update an existing form fast or scroll down and upload your form to have WorkBright create it for you.

How to create acknowledgment forms

See how to easily create an acknowledgment form in WorkBright. This type of form is used when you don’t need to capture a date or signature.

How to create signature forms

In this quick how-to video, see how to create forms that will capture the time, date and a digital signature in WorkBright.

How to create custom forms

Creating a customized form with merge tags to dynamically populate information is made easy using the text editor. Watch how in this quick video!

How to edit and assign forms

If you need to update a form, you can easily make edits and assign forms in WorkBright. Watch how in this informative video.

Want to know more? We’ve got you!
Here are some quick links about how to create different types of forms in WorkBright.

Create a read-only form

Create a form that requires a signature

Building and editing forms knowledge base – Everything you’d ever want to know about forms

Submit forms for WorkBright to create

Because it’s so fast and easy, most WorkBright clients prefer to create their own forms, but occasionally there are times when it is preferred to have forms created or updated by the WorkBright Support staff instead.

To submit your forms for the WorkBright Support staff to create or update in your account please fill out the required information and upload your documents using the form below.

Please note that the turn around time for submitted forms to be added to your account is 5-7 business days.

Note: After submission, you will be redirected to a Thank You Page. If you do not see that page, we did not receive your forms.