Implementation FAQ

Professional service, personal review, and video training to get you up and running in under 3 weeks from form delivery date!

How soon after accepting my quote from Sales will someone be in touch regarding implementation?

You will receive a Welcome email from WorkBright within 24 hours of officially signing your quote. This email will provide instructions on how to complete the WorkBright intake form and to schedule your Implementation Kick-Off call. Please check your spam if you have not received the email within 24 hours.

In case you missed your Welcome email, here is the link to the intake form. It is important to complete the intake form, it will kick off the rest of the implementation process. 

How do I access my account after completing the intake form?

Shortly after the intake form is completed, the Implementation Specialist will create your WorkBright account and add you as an Admin User. This will trigger a welcome email for you to create your login password. Your account can be accessed by visiting after establishing your login. Please be sure to check your spam folder for this email as well.

After your intake form is created and your WorkBright account has been created, the Implementation Specialist will send you an email to schedule your Kick-Off all.

What is the purpose of the Implementation Kick-Off call?

During this call, you will have the opportunity to meet with the Implementation Specialist and discuss the WorkBright implementation process and timeline. This time will also be used to do a Forms Consultation to briefly discuss your onboarding forms to ensure the layout of your forms will be compatible with the onboarding platform and make suggestions on formatting, if needed.

What happens after the Implementation Kick-Off call?

After the Kick-Off call, please send your onboarding forms in a zip file to as soon as possible. The forms will be given to our Forms Team for digitizing. This typically takes 7-14 days. This is the perfect opportunity to acclimate yourself with the onboarding platform while waiting for your forms to be completed. The WorkBright Admin Knowledge Base has many resources available to all WorkBright Admins. The knowledge base has a plethora of articles and tutorial videos to guide you through the many features of WorkBright. We also offer robust and interactive training through our free Training Academy.


Do I need to include a W-4, I-9, W-9 or state tax forms in my folder of onboarding documents?

The W-4, I-9 and W-9 are already pre-built into WorkBright, so you will not need to provide those forms in your folder. We also have a database of all State Tax Forms in which we can clone those particular forms to your account. Please let the Implementation Specialist know which states are needed when sending your onboarding forms.

How long does it take for my forms to be uploaded to my WorkBright account during implementation?

Typically 7-14 days. When the forms are ready, the Implementation Team will test the forms and send an email notifying you that the forms have been uploaded to your WorkBright account. Also, within that email will be a link for you to schedule a training call. The meeting link can be shared with multiple people after selecting your date and time, so feel free to invite your entire team!

What will happen during the training call?

The Implementation Specialist will do a full overview of the platform and answer any questions you and your team may have (the call is recorded for your future reference). The training call will also incorporate a final Forms Consultation to ensure the forms are built to your liking. Minor edits to the forms will be made after the call, if needed. This is the completion of implementation, and your platform is ready to onboard new hires!

What if I have questions after Implementation?

#1: If you are comfortable with email correspondence, you can submit a help ticket within the WorkBright Admin Knowledge Base. A Customer Success Manager will reply within 24-48 hours. #2: Attend Office Hours: Office Hours is a great way to receive live help from our Customer Success Managers. It is a Zoom call that happens Monday-Friday at 12 pm PT, with an additional session on Thursdays at 8 am PT (so two sessions on Thursdays!). Office Hours gives you an opportunity to speak directly with a Customer Success Manager. Each session lasts for one hour, so take full advantage and attend as often as needed!

What if I need to update a form or add more forms to my account after Implementation?

Our Forms Team is here to help! You can submit your forms to the team by completing the fields towards the bottom of the webpage. It typically takes 5-7 business days for new/updated forms to be uploaded to your WorkBright account. You are allowed up to 10 additional forms at no charge after Implementation is completed. Each form will be an additional $50 once you have reached your additional 10 form cap. If you need your forms expedited and uploaded within 48 hours, it is an additional $40 per form.