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Available to ALL WorkBright BrightStar Care Customers

  • Onboarding implementation within 3 weeks from form delivery
    • Free implementation with standard forms listed below
    • Free kick off call and 1 training call for your team
  • Implementation times for premium features and I-9 under 1 week
  • Robust video training for new administrators 
  • Training Academy with certification
  • Access to knowledge base with articles
  • 48 hour response time for all tickets 
  • Daily (M-F) office hours access for live Q&A and best practices with a WorkBright expert

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Office Hours are free and open for any WorkBright client to schedule.  Work with our team of experts to optimize your platform, troubleshoot a challenge or ask general questions!

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Standard Forms vs. Custom Forms

BrightStar Corporate has approved these forms which are standard in every WorkBright account set up for BrightStar Care Franchisees. During your kick off call you will review which forms you do and do not want in your new WorkBright account.

Custom forms you want for your location can be added to your account as well. You can use our instructional videos to create forms yourself or the WorkBright team can do it for you. To add or update an existing form, please upload and complete the form on this page.

Standard Forms

Form I-9
Multi-Jurisdiction Offer Letter
BrightStar Care – Franchisee Employee Acknowledgement
BrightStar Care – Employee Mutual Arbitration Agreement (non-California Mandatory)
Intellicorp Consumer Report Disclosure
Guaranteed Compatibility
Reference Request Authorization
Non-Disclosure Agreement (Field Staff)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (Office Staff)
Transportation Agreement
HIPAA Confidentiality / Privacy Agreement
Influenza Vaccination
Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
Direct Deposit Authorization, Part II – Upload a Voided Check
Background Check Results – Confirmation & Information
Drug Screen Test Results – Confirmation & Information
Notice Concerning Risks Associated With Providing In-Home Care
Agreement for Non-Exempt Live-In and 24-Hour Caregivers
Employee Mask Acknowledgment
Mileage and Drive Time Policy

Standard Jobs & Quizzes

Job Description – Caregiver
Job Description – Certified Nurse Aide
Job Description – CHHA
Job Description – Home Health Aide
Job Description – Licensed Practical Nurse
Job Description – Registered Nurse
Job Description Signed On Paper
Training Quiz – Bloodborne Pathogens
Training Quiz – HIPAA
Training Quiz – OSHA
Training Quiz – Red Flags
Training Quiz – Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Training Quiz – Understanding Abuse & Neglect
Alzheimer’s Quiz
Handwashing Quiz
CNA Quiz
LPN Quiz
RN Quiz
Orientation Final Exam
Minnesota Offer Letter
New York Offer Letter
South Carolina Offer Letter
Washington Offer Letter

Standard Forms for ABS Integration

Current Professional Discipline License #1
Current Professional Discipline License #2
Current Professional Discipline License #3
Current Professional Discipline License #4
Current Professional Discipline License #5
Employee Health Information & Release
Employee Health Certification
Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire
Current CPR Certification – Image & Information
Current Auto Insurance Coverage – Image & Information
Current Driver’s License – Image & Information
Intellicorp Background Acknowledgment & Authorization
Emergency Contact Information
Hepatitis B Vaccine Consent/Declination Form
Drug Screen Authorization
Direct Deposit Authorization
Send Employee Data to ABS
EEOC Self-Identification Form

WorkBright Integration with ABS

WorkBright can push essential information to your ABS account. Once you have acceptance of a conditional offer, add the new employee to WorkBright to begin their paperwork. Once the record is created in ABS with a Social Security #, the information to the right will be automatically transferred to ABS on an ongoing basis.

Steps for office staff

1. WorkBright ATS: Click on the ‘Onboarding’ tab within the applicant profile to initiate either the New Hire or Re-Hire workflow.  This will create the onboarding profile within WorkBright.


Adding directly to WorkBright onboarding: Begin the new employee profile in WorkBright and send documents.

2. ABS: Enter the new hire’s Social Security Number (SSN) into ABS. (This step is needed so that WorkBright has a unique identifier to match to when sending over the data.) You can get the SSN from the tax forms in WorkBright.

3.0WorkBright: After the employee completes the documents, verify the completed documents and approve. Upon countersigning and approving the I-9, the data is sent from WorkBright to ABS and matched by SSN.

Problem solving for office staff

If the Social Security Number (SSN) from WorkBright does not find a match in ABS:

    1. Check ABS to ensure there is a SSN and add it if necessary.
    2. Check ABS to ensure the SSN is correct and make correction if necessary.

Next, send the WorkBright data over to ABS again by going into WorkBright and opening the form INTERNAL – Resend Employee Data to ABS. Accept the form and then ABS will pull the data again. (NOTE: If you have used this form before, you will have to reject it and then accept it again to begin the data transfer.)

Process of data transfer

  • When I-9 Is countersigned and accepted – All data from integrated forms will transfer to ABS.
  • When accepting a new or revised form after initial transfer – The data from that form(s) will transfer automatically as long as the I-9s been countersigned and accepted.
  • If there is an error with data transfer to ABS – Complete and accept Resend Employee Data form to initiate the transfer again.

Data that transfer to ABS

  • Employee discipline license issue date
  • Employee discipline license expiration date
  • TB skin test expiration date
  • Driver’s license issue date
  • Driver’s license expiration date
  • Auto insurance issue date
  • Auto insurance expiration date
  • CPR issue date
  • CPR expiration date
  • Hepatitis B issue date
  • Background check issue date
  • Background check expiration date
  • Background check company name
  • Drug screen date of test
  • Drug screen results
  • Drug screen company name
  • Physical date
  • Pay rate
  • Payroll type
  • Staff type
  • Job title
  • Hourly/Salary
  • Date of birth
  • Tax filing status and exemption claimed
  • Direct deposit routing number
  • Direct deposit account number
  • Emergency contact information

Frequently asked questions 

You can start the new employee with the paperwork in WorkBright after you have completed the face to face interview with them and you have extended the conditional offer.

The Hiring Process Flow found in the Recruiting and Retention Toolkit under Maximizing Applicants’ Time, lists all the documents you need to complete and when you can begin with them. The important thing to remember is that the Employer portion of the I-9 cannot, by law, be completed until the employee’s start date, which is the day of Orientation.

Once you are configured with your ABS integration, you no longer need to scan in any documents to ABS. The credentials will be housed in WorkBright and the required data will be copied to the appropriate fields in ABS.

After the I-9 is countersigned and accepted by the office staff, the data will transfer. This transfer of data is real time, so as soon as you click ACCEPT, you can go into ABS and the information will be there.

The best way to add existing employee files to WorkBright is at the time that they need to renew their credentials with you. Simply create a profile for them in WorkBright and assign the proper forms to them. You can also upload their existing forms to that profile if you would like to. If you are on the Flat Fee Program, there is no charge to do this.