Need help with your WorkBright onboarding? Check out the FAQ for help with the I-9 and other forms.

WorkBright New Employee Guide

Need help completing forms in WorkBright? You’ve come to the right place.

General FAQ/Getting Started 

WorkBright is a software platform used by your employer to help streamline the onboarding process. With WorkBright, the team that hired you can easily collect important documents and information required to get you started at your new job.

Your employer uses WorkBright because it enables remote and digital collection of documents and information required to start your new job. Instead of coming to an office and filling out paper forms, your employer uses WorkBright to send digital versions of your hiring paperwork for you to complete on any smart device.

If this is your first time accessing WorkBright, you will need to use the Welcome Email you received. It contains a link to set up a profile, password, and see what forms are required by your employer. Refer to this full Getting Started Guide for more info.  

Once you’ve logged into your WorkBright account and completed your profile, you’ll see a list of required forms and their corresponding due dates. Click the “Start” button next to a form to complete it on any Smart device. When your forms are done, your employer will be able to review to ensure everything is all set.

You’ll need to reach out to your employer with any questions about your onboarding forms. WorkBright is a technology platform that does not have any information on your specific onboarding requirements, forms, or employment.

If you need to reset your password, you can navigate to and click the “Forgot your password” link. For more detailed instructions, see the Resetting Your Password Guide.

Your account includes MFA (Multi-factor authentication) as an added security measure. Check out the MFA Getting Started Guide for detailed instructions.

Form I-9 FAQ 

Form I-9 is a federally-mandated form for verifying the identity and work eligibility of a new employee. Your employer is legally required to collect this form for all new employees.

Form I-9 has two parts. The first part will be you (the employee) completing Section 1, which includes personal information and documentation to prove your identity and work eligibility.

Section 2 involves a third-party physically reviewing your identity and/or work eligibility documentation (e.g. drivers license, social security card, passport) to ensure they appear to be genuine.

This may be handled by your employer (e.g. you report to an office and a hiring manager reviews your documents) or remotely via WorkBright (where you will designate your own third-party to review your documents).

Download the Completing Section 1 of the I-9 Guide for detailed instructions including personal information section, document requirements, document upload, and use of a Preparer/Translator.

This means your employer has designated you to complete Section 2 of Form I-9 with the help of another person of your choosing. This person is referred to as an “Authorized Representative” as they are representing your employer in the physical inspection of your hiring documents and attesting they appear genuine and belong to you.

Detailed instructions in the I-9 Section 2 Guide

Your authorized representative will need to be 18 years or older and have a mobile phone. Your employer may additionally require they are not a relative, which will be included in the instructions when you begin the process.

You and your authorized representative will meet in-person to complete I-9 Section 2. WorkBright will guide you through the process that will involve your selected third-party reviewing your identity and/or work authorization documents that you submitted in Section 1 and signing Section 2.

This process is intended to ensure the documents submitted to prove your identity and work authorization appear genuine and belong to you.

Detailed instructions in the I-9 Section 2 Guide

Check out this Sharing Location Guide for more information on how to enable this on various devices.

If your work authorization documents are about to expire, you will receive an email alert asking you to re-verify them. Follow the link in the reverification email and follow the instruction on the dashboard to complete the process. For detailed instructions with screenshots, see the Completing Reverification Guide.